Vision & Mission

Heli Austria - Our goals, our visions

We at Heli Austria and Heli Tirol strive for quality leadership.

You can read about our strategy of what we want to achieve on this page


Bell 212HP
Tailored solutions in air traffic
  • We are a leading air transport company in Austria
  • We are a second-generation family business
  • The satisfaction of our customers is our focus
  • Motivated employees are the basis of our success
  • We have a clear decision-making and management structure
  • We offer our customers tailored and individual solutions and not standardized solutions
  • Our technical aspects are governed by the highest safety, economy and comfort


  • We want to grow as a leading air transport company
  • To secure the company's success and to achieve our goals we need to achieve sustainable economic success
  • For us productivity comes before profitability, but we need to make profits, which secures the long term continued existence of the company
  • We want to create a motivated work environment and promote the ability of our employees We want to remain as an independent family business


  • We are a reliable partner to our customers and suppliers
  • Corporate interests come before our own interests
  • From our employees we expect teamwork, honesty and social skills
  • We have respect for the environment, people, rules and laws. Professionalism and planned procedures determine our actions.
  • We are servants of our future, shaped by sustainable thinking and the careful handling of resources.

Our technical aspects are governed by the highest safety, economy and comfort. Do you have further questions? Send either the team at Heli Austria or Heli Tirol a contact request.