Vision and Mission

Heli Austria our Visions our Goals

Heli Austria Group strive for quality leadership with in Europe, our strategies to achieve this goal is listed below.


  • We are a leading air transport operation within Europe
  • We are a second-generation family owned and operated firm
  • The satisfaction of our customers is the center of our attention
  • Motivated employees are the basis of our success
  • We have clearly defined decision making and management structures
  • We offer tailor made not over the counter solution for our customers
  • Our technical standards focus primarily on safety, economy and comfort


  • We as a leader in the helicopter aviation sector strive for healthy growth
  • To protect the future of our firm we must operate economically and provide sustainability
  • We place profitability before cashflow, we wish to maximize profits to secure the firms future
  • We strive to create a healthy work environment, and further the talents of our employees
  • We wish to retain our independence as a privately-owned firm


  • We are a reliable partner to our customers and vendors
  • Company interests before personal interests
  • From our crews we demand ability to function in a team, honesty and social competence
  • We respect the environment, our fellow man, laws rules and regulations.
  • Professionalism and planned action dictates our operation
  • We are the servants of our future, thinking sustainability we carefully handle resources